Sustainable Housing

Sustainable Housing requires a long-term view and strategies. Buildings last for at least a generation - and we hope they last longer. We must ensure that these major investments serve the community well for generations to come.  

While we welcome growth, we must set clear guidelines to ensure that growth from new and rehabilitated buildings is contributing to community vitality.  Good growth gives back.

We should welcome a variety of housing types to encourage people to come here and then to decide to stay, building their lives and their communities here.  We will thrive with people from all walks of life together, living, working, and playing.

In some areas, homes may not be as healthy, from lead, air pollution, and other environmental factors. I support the city providing incentives for investing in healthy housing, particularly in areas with health disparities. I support Minneapolis Department of Health employees continuing to work with homeowners and renters to make sure homes are free of lead and other pollutants. I support the city continuing to work with nonprofits and others that provide home energy audits, check on insulation, and talk about renewable options like community solar.