Strong Communities

I am inspired to build a more just and sustainable Minneapolis - together.  To do this, we will need the resources and expertise that are right here, in our communities - the individuals, the neighborhood groups, the advocates, the businesses, city leaders and staff, and other public and private partners.

I have seen that when neighbors come together, we can find solutions that make our communities even more vibrant. As Council Member, I will turn to these people, and ask them to contribute their knowledge, experience, and creativity. We can involve all voices in community building and decision making by continuing to invest in neighborhood groups, supporting new strategies for community engagement, and inviting private and public stakeholders to participate.  

It is crucial that we continue to fund and provide training for existing neighborhood associations and community engagement. I will fight to ensure that the City’s Community Participation Program, which funds neighborhood organizations, continues.

Building better neighborhoods is for everyone, not just those who can afford to attend an evening meeting, or for those who consider themselves to be “political.”  We also need to invest in new strategies to engage people who may have a hard time participating in common neighborhood forums - renters, families with young children, people of color, and low-income communities.

Local associations must reflect all members of the community - and may need special help to do that. By incentivizing creative engagement options, tech solutions, and alternative gathering spaces, we can make local engagement a part of daily life for all community members.

New voices will build on Ward 3’s rich legacy as the historic heart of the city. Together, we can build homes for everyone, including more affordable and rental units. We can take of advantage of our public transit system, and build housing nearby to help people get to work in healthier, more sustainable ways. We can build bike lanes and trails that are safe, accessible, and family-friendly. Housing and land use decisions should be shaped by community needs and visions. We can increase public art, in large and little ways, that add up to a creative, vibrant community.  All this relies on a first step: asking for community input, and inviting people to shape our city.  

Vibrant communities are built from relationships and connections with our neighbors. I promise to bring that vibrancy to the City Council, to encourage conversations and creative solutions, and to ensure that every neighborhood in Minneapolis is a vibrant place to live, work and play.