An environmental lawyer for Minneapolis and Ward 3.


Minneapolis needs to be a city where all can thrive, where we have unique creative places, water you can drink, air you can breathe. Vitality and sustainability must be at the core of everything we do: work, play, learn, live. While we are strong in some areas, we need to focus policies and resources to address inequities and become a truly vibrant city.


"Vitality and sustainability must be at the core of everything we do: work, play, learn, live."


My style of listening and creative problem-solving suits a City Council leader. I have shown commitment to working with people, transforming their ideas into solutions. I am hardworking and persistent; I know many of our bigger challenges will take years to solve—and that can seem daunting—but we have to take clear steps on policies and initiatives to benefit the people of Minneapolis.


Join me!


My priorities

Environmental Health

Clean water, clean air, green places to walk and play, trees and natural areas near home — each of us needs these to be healthy in our city.

Creative Economy

When we strengthen our local businesses, we strengthen our communities and give power back to the small business owner.

Criminal Justice

Let’s recruit officers who better reflect the communities they serve, and with which they engage.

Strong Communities

We can involve all voices in community building and decision making by continuing to invest in neighborhood groups, supporting new strategies for community engagement, and inviting private and public stakeholders to participate. 

Sustainable Housing

We should welcome a variety of housing types to encourage people to come here and then to decide to stay, building their lives and their communities here.